Your Job Is At Stake

19th October 2009

Very soon the AUSTRALIAN EMISSIONS TRADING BILL (ETS) could be decided.
This has the potential to put Australia as an export nation out of business:
How could we have arrived at this impossible situation?
Professor Bob Carter, marine geologist and research professor from James Cook University in Townsville and Science Advisor to the Australian Climate Science Coalition recently addressed a meeting in Rockhampton. He is keen to encourage the debate on natural climate change and discuss how this proposed tax will impact on your household budget and your livelihood and achieve NOTHING for the planet.

Due to popular demand Professor Bob Carter has been invited back to address a second meeting in Rockhampton.

 Come to hear Professor Carter
WHEN: Friday, 23rd October, 2009
TIME: 7pm
WHERE: Leichhardt Hotel, cnr Denham and Bolsover St.
COST: An entry fee of $10 to help defray expenses.                                                  

Former High Court judge Ian Callinan described the situation thus: “Emissions regulation offers government an irresistible opportunity to centralise and control every aspect of our lives; on our roads, on our travels, in our workplaces, on our farms, in our forests and our mines, and, more threateningly, in our homes, constructed as they will be compelled to be, of very specific materials and of prescribed sizes.” For further information contact: Ron Bahnisch 4933 4011 or 0409 334211
                                                   Ron Norman 4933 2034 or 0427 340140
                                                Dr Don Kane 4939 7743 or 0427 397743
 “Emissions trading will hurt the poor, damage the environment, invites fraud and is economically irresponsible,” Professor Bob Carter