Letter to Members

16th October 2005

Thank you to all those who flew the PRA flag in Rockhampton on Thursday 6 October. Some 350 people made the march on the temporary State Parliament in Rockhampton.

As we knew, Beattie chose the soft option and visited the Flying Doctor Base. One day he will have to front his rural critics even if we have to wait until the High Court of Australia hearing.

The March and rally received wide media attention including TV, radio and newspapers. We must continue to keep our case before the electorate and the public generally. People tend to forget very quickly and assume all is OK or “fixed” as our wonderful Premier would say.

PRA welcomed a number of National Party members who joined our march and the rally outside the Pilbeam Theatre. Opposition Leader Springborg was invited to speak at the rally in the Premier’s absence. Lawrence Springborg spoke strongly in support of PRA and assured the crowd at Rockhampton that the National Party was right behind PRA’s campaign.

I hope members sent many emails and faxes to Beattie to co-incide with the March and rally. It is important that we all play some part in our campaign for justice and equality. The public and the politicians sit up and take notice when individuals speak their mind.

I attach two press notes that will make this clear; politician’s brains work in strange ways. It is a pity that Agforce’s attempt to work with the Government is distorted to become seen as support for Government policies and legislation to disadvantage us all.

My thanks for your strong support.

Best Wishes,

John Purcell
Chairman – Property Rights Australia