Property Rights rally in Senator Joyce’s home town

18th October 2005

This Saturday Senator Joyce will be speaking at his home town of St George Qld on the fundamental right of property ownership and its current erosion by reason of government infringement.

“I will be speaking closest to home on an issue closest to my heart,” Senator Joyce said today.

Senator Joyce will be supporting primary producers, business and urban land owners to protect the calibrator of wealth:  the strength of the title on the ownership of property.

“When the government takes an asset from you without paying for it and vests it in the state so that the only benefaction from the asset is the states administration of it rather than ownership, then this becomes the communal ownership of what was formerly private assets, communism,” Senator Joyce said.

“If you can not afford to buy an asset that is owned in clear title then you can not steal it.  This is what has happened when one day people own the vegetation on their property and the next day they don’t.

“If it is fundamentally in the states interest to gain ownership of an asset then the state must pay fundamentally the market price for it, and if it can not afford to do this then the ownership must remain where it is and with the rights it had.

“Likewise the income stream of others in our State has been affected by government decisions on rights and tenure.  Whether these are fishermen or landholders, it is time to call the smiling, sly hand of divestiture for what it is: an attack on your fundamental right of ownership built up in many cases over generations.

“I strongly believe that property owners are entitled to the basic rights of exclusive access, use and opportunity to make a living.  I believe also that no matter where you live in Queensland this is an issue for you for if you can not rely on the calibrator of wealth, the rights of ownership, then you have no wealth.

The meeting hosted by Property Rights Australia will be held at the St George RSL at 10:30am on Saturday 22 October.  Senator Joyce is the guest speaker and encourages his fellow National colleges to join him.