PRA Meeting- St George

24th October 2005

Property Rights Australia (PRA) attracted over 150 people to its Public Meeting in St George on Saturday 22 October. Attendees came from as far west as Wyandra and north to Bowen. Guest speakers were Senator Barnaby Joyce and State Opposition Spokesman on Local Government Howard Hobbs.

PRA speakers were Chairman John Purcell and Board Member Ashley McKay of Augathella. All speakers were critical of the Beattie Government’s mismanagement of the States affairs, together with their dishonesty, their failure to use sound science in their framing of legislation and above all the lack of accountability to the electorate.

John Purcell reported “PRA is on track to challenge the Queensland Government’s Vegetation Management Act 1999 and the Water Act 2000 in the High Court of Australia”.

“Evidence and information continues to build, the case against the Government strengthens. We have held discussions with four Queensland Barristers, more discussions are to follow. PRA is keen to begin the legal challenge.”

“PRA has held eight public meetings since March 2005, and two marches and rallies have been held in Brisbane and Rockhampton.”

John Purcell concluded, “We have spoken to over 2000 people, our High Court Challenge Fund is substantial and our membership and strength continues to grow.”