Local polls on council amalgamations welcomed

16th August 2007The State Coalition has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement to
ensure Queenslanders are given a say on council amalgamations.

Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the Federal legislation to over-ride
Peter Beattie’s jack-boot fines and sackings would be welcomed by
councils and their communities across the State.

“The Prime Minister is to be congratulated on standing up to Peter
Beattie’s arrogant attack on democracy,” Mr Seeney said.

“I urge every council and every Queenslander who is opposed to Labor’s
forced council amalgamations to have their say through the plebicites
that will now be conducted through the Australian Electoral Commission,
at no cost to councils or the State government.”

Mr Seeney said it was time for Peter Beattie and his Ministers to accept
that their actions to force councils to merge without allowing locals to
have a say had been rejected lock-stock-and-barrel, not just by
Queenslanders but by Australians.

“This issue is more important than Peter Beattie’s huge ego. This is a
simple issue of democracy and allowing people to have say on how they
wish to be governed at local level.

“I urge every council to contact the AEC and arrange their local
plebiscite and for all parties, particularly Peter Beattie and his
Ministers to then accept the voice of the people,” Mr Seeney said.

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