Two Qld councils spared the sack by Beattie

15th August 2007Two Queensland regional shire councils have been spared the sack despite taking the pulse of their local communities on amalgamations.

New laws passed by State Parliament last week included a provision to fine and sack councils that hold ballots on the mergers.

But Premier Peter Beattie today confirmed the Government would not dismiss two rural councils – Warroo and Tambo – which have conducted surveys on the issue, because they were voluntary.

“We are not going to be provoked by people seeking to drag this out for some other political reasons,” Mr Beattie told reporters in Brisbane today.

A number of other councils, including Rosalie and Wambo in southern Queensland, are now considering whether to hold polls.

But Local Government Minister Andrew Fraser said dismissal was still an option for defiant councils, including those that accepted Prime Minister John Howard’s offer to fund referendums.