Media Release 30-05-12


A LEAKED document authored by a senior operative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shows the anti-farmer organisation is on a green crusade to establish new “sustainable beef standards” on producers Australia-wide.

This is the opening paragraph of an article called “WWF pushing crusade on beef” and published online by Rural Press.

It follows on the heels of a series in that newspaper by journalist Brad Cooper since mid-February.

Cattle Council of Australia and other beef industry participants travelled to Denver, Colorado in November, 2010 to attend the WWF convened Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef after, it is believed, an initial approach by McDonalds.  Other participants were JBS Swift and Teys Cargill.  Further meetings were held in Australia starting on the 21st March 2011 in Brisbane.  The Roundtable for Sustainable Beef will hold a seminar at Beef Expo, Rockhampton, on Thursday 10th May 2012.

Property Rights Australia would like to outline why it has been opposing the plan to partner beef producers with WWF.

Firstly we are a first world country with a standard of research, development and innovation second to none and are more than capable of developing our own sustainability programme.  Australian producers do not need the stamp of approval of a progressively more deceptive and unethical WWF just because multi-national, foreign owned companies think it might be good for their marketing efforts.

Secondly, WWF conspired along with other ENGO’s to bring into effect the vegetation management laws in Queensland and NSW without “just terms.”  This has cost the agricultural community in those states at least $10.5 billion.  They have also been responsible for Great Barrier Reef regulations in Queensland which targets only farmers and ignores other sections of the community who release pollutants onto reef catchments such as cities and mining companies.

Thirdly, all of these extreme green organisations aspire to be more powerful than government and multi-national companies but they do not have any of the constraints that government and industry do.





Lastly and most importantly, in spite of the fact that some sections of industry seem to be vying to carry the imprimatur of the Panda logo, in recent times it has developed a decidedly unsavoury reputation.

WWF is accused of fraud, harm to the environment, harm to indigenous peoples on five continents, non-existent programmes for which money has been raised and much more.  Research of WWF activities soon reveals numerous undesirable instances.

In spite of their numerous spin doctors, with the influence of the internet, it is only a matter of time before they are more known for their embarrassments than their environmental work.

At such time the Panda logo will be worth little and the multi-national companies will abandon any association.

The beef industry does not need to be left battered and bruised in the wake having been signed up to unsuitable, industry-hostile, sustainability commitments.



























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