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15th May 2012 

For those of you who don’t use the computer I apologise for all the links but I have enclosed a hard copy of Dale’s article.

Many of you will have received an email last week of an article prepared by board member Dale Stiller for “Beef Central” This article has stayed near the top of the ‘most popular’ list and is rising.

This is as a result as it being picked up internationally by well-known bloggers.

Donna Laframboise, a very well-known journalist, author and blogger, in her “No Frakking Consensus” has quoted from it and linked back to “Beef Central.”

This article has in turn been picked up by ‘JunkScience”

Dales article is also quoted at length, in another online article entitled Cracks in the Panda logo: “WWF is not accountable to anyone”
Dale is to be commended for this exposure and it appears that although international commentators can follow our reasoning, Cattle Council is sticking steadfastly to their plan.

For those who were unable to attend the seminar in Rockhampton, the panel were left in no doubt that Queensland producers have a deep mistrust of WWF with four PRA board members and others in the audience speaking against WWF’s involvement in a sustainability programme.

WWF’s Rob Cairns admitted mistakes in the past but wanted to start again.

 A good summary of the seminar can be found on “Beef Central” called ‘Sustainable Beef on Menu at Roundtable Seminar’.

Also keep an eye open for this week’s Country Life.

PRA and interested members of the public are continuing the discussion on Just Grounds from page 32 and following.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it


Joanne Rea

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