Members’ Newsletter 12-05-09

12th May 2009

12 May 2009 

Dear PRA Member,

Thank you to you all who attended the PRA meeting held at the Rockhampton Leagues Club last Friday, 8th May.  With an attendance of over 300 people and a lot of valuable information to deliver, it was a challenge to answer all queries regarding regrowth clearing.  The take-home message from the meeting was very clear though; agriculture in Queensland has been and continues to be the sacrificial scapegoat for politicians to grab green votes to meet global commitments.  We must be proud of our contribution to Australia’s wealth.  Bear in mind, as I said at the meeting, “justice only occurs when people jump up and down about injustice.”  These are the powerful words of Australian born Geoffrey Robertson QC, leading barrister in the UK on human rights.

PRA, now more than ever, needs the support of its membership and the wider agricultural sector to voice our objection to the proposed land grab by the Queensland ALP.  If we don’t tackle this imposed regulation, carbon emission trading will quickly follow—resulting in the end of family farms and significantly damaging the viability of agricultural businesses throughout the nation.

This is your last chance to make a submission to the State Government.

Guidelines for submissions:

·         Deadline for submissions is Friday, 15 May 2009.  Submissions must be received by this date.

·         Email submissions to:  If you do not have a computer please   contact a friend or relative for assistance.

·         Make sure you label your submission clearly, i.e. use the word “SUBMISSION’.

·         Include your name and address.

·         Reference your submission, i.e.  RE:  Moratorium on clearing of endangered regrowth and proposed legislation.

·         Concisely, objectively and emphatically state your specific individual concerns.

Encourage family, friends and affected business associates to stand up and be counted and make a submission.  We are running out of time and opportunities to counter the totally unacceptable treatment the Queensland Labor Government continues to dish out to landholders with the intention of gradual erosion of their rights

Best wishes to you all

John Purcell
John Purcell, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
Phone:  07 49213430
Fax:       07 49213870