Public Meeting at Beef 2009 supports campaign against Regrowth Bill 18-05-09

18th May 2009



18th May 2009

Dear PRA member,                                                                                                                                               

The following is a copy of a Media Release released this afternoon:


Property Rights Australia (PRA) appreciates the wonderful response received from landowners attending our Rockhampton open meeting on Friday, 8th may, being the final day of the trade fair of Beef 2009.

In spite of all the attractions and exhibits, as well as the social events, cattlemen took time out to hear about the most threatening and serious disaster facing the great and vital food production industry.  THAT IS, PROPOSED BANNING OF CLEARING REGROWTH under the Vegetation Management Act (Regrowth Moratorium Bill)2009. 

If there ever was an unjust and ill-conceived piece of rot, then this moratorium and possible legislation takes the cake.  No one in their right mind would ever consider carrying out their farming business in this manner.  The very thought of such an act is enough to sicken an experienced land manager.

What this Government action has done is to very clearly demonstrate that those driving this initiative have absolutely no knowledge or common sense when it comes to rural matters.  If you do not understand, keep out.  No interference, thank you.  In fact, it brings visions of at least two bulls in the china shop.

Property Rights Australia calls on Premier Bligh to have the wisdom to recognise that she has created a monster that will blow up in her face if she refuses to reconsider her actions.  The Premier is only human; humans make mistakes.

I can assure Anna Bligh that those in the farming industry, food producers, will not quit, flinch or take a step back until the stupidity and vindictive pieces of Government action, simply introduced for political opportunism, are withdrawn.

Best wishes to you all

John Purcell

John Purcell, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
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