Members’ Newsletter 19-05-09

19th May 2009
19th May 2009
Dear Members,
·          Several matters of real importance are before us at this time.  All will be familiar with the nightmare called the Moratorium on the Clearing of Endangered Regrowth.  All sorts of information in the rural press tell the story well.  I will not bore you with repetition.
However, I do thank those of you who lodged a submission.  The Government and the DERM will get a strong message.  It will be interesting to see their reaction. 
·          Be advised that PRA’s Conference and AGM is to be held at Rockhampton on Saturday, 27th June 2009 at the Leichhardt Hotel in Bolsover Street.  Invitations have been forwarded to politicians, legal experts and land tenure experts.  Your invitation package will be posted this week.
I raise with you internal PRA matters, namely the PRA Board.  The Board consists of seven (7) Board Members which include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  All financial members may nominate for a Board position and all financial members in attendance at the AGM elect the Board Members.  At a later date (usually within 10 days of the AGM) those elected to the Board elect the Office Bearers.
Currently the Board has six members due to the retirement of Les White who has carried out the Treasurer duties since 2005.  Unfortunately, Les has suffered a stroke and was unable to continue. We all thank Les and Cheryl and wish them well. I am unaware as to the intentions of other Board Members. 
The PRA Board is committed to representing our members and ensuring the sustainability of agriculture throughout the nation.  To that end we are looking at new ways to revamp the organisation and in so doing seek motivated, committed individuals to help lead PRA.  Fortunately PRA has a lot of talented and dedicated members.  I am pleased to say that members have already come forward and offered to stand for election.  New blood is always encouraged and welcomed by all.
The nomination process is simple:
·          Open to a financial member;
·          The nomination must be in writing
·          Two financial members must sign the nominee’s paper (due to the widespread nature of PRA’s membership this can occur at the Conference);
·          The nomination must be given to the secretary at least 14 days prior to the annual general meeting, where the election is to be held.
·          Nominees may supply a short CV.  All nominees will have the opportunity to present a short background to the Conference;
·          Nominees need not be present in person at the Conference; however this should only be in exceptional circumstances.
·          Should there be a shortfall of nominees; nominations will be accepted at the AGM.
Training, if necessary, will be available to the elected Board.
The Conference/AGM will consider the possibility of corporate membership and participation with PRA.  This will require a Constitutional Amendment and due process will need to be followed.  Attention in the future will be necessary if this proposal is supported.
For myself, I advised the incoming board in St. George last June that I would retire at the upcoming Conference/AGM.  After all I have served five years as Chairman.  However, the current situation was unknown and unexpected.  If the members and the Board feel it would be best for PRA that I continue to serve until the dust settles on the current issue of banning regrowth clearing, I am prepared to do so.  I will retire, however, just as soon as the time is right. 
Looking forward to seeing many of you in Rockhampton on 26 and 27 June.
Best wishes
John Purcell
John Purcell, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
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