Members’ Newsletter 17-04-09

17th April 2009
17th April 2009
Dear PRA Member,
You should have received numerous media releases from our office.  Please feel free to circulate copies to your families and friends.  The more people who join our fight the better.
Thanks to Ron and Lorna Bahnisch (Ron—PRA Vice Chairman) who are doing a great job  representing PRA at public meetings, preparing for our Beef 2009 stall and organising impressive signs e.g. check out the new bridge in Rockhampton.
I have been in contact with Jeff Seeney, the Shadow Minister for the new and enlarged portfolio covering our current industry concerns.  We have worked together previously and understand one another.
I would expect most of you will have got hold of your Moratorium Map.  I ask that you all compare this with your PMAV.  There are suggestions that the mapping you have received may well be different to previous maps??
PRA is to hold an open meeting at the Leagues Club in Rockhampton on Friday, 8th May.  This will commence at 2 p.m. and run until 5 p.m.  Friday, 8th May, is the final day of Beef 2009.  It will be convenient for all those who attend the Beef Expo and of course many others.
Invitations will be forwarded to chosen politicians who cannot be named at this time.  Speakers on our side of the fence will also be named shortly.  Members are encouraged to convene a meeting in your districts.  PRA will attempt to provide a speaker, however the organisation will have to fall on locals.  Our office will give assistance if at all possible, but Fiona is our sole employee and has a very heavy workload just now.  I encourage you to do your bit.
Speaking of meetings and attendees, some of you will be aware that Mary and I are living in Maroochydore and I am having external beam radiation on every week day.  I can, on weekends, travel within driving distance of Maroochydore.  This means I am available from mid-day Saturdays to mid-day Sundays which will allow travel time to and from Maroochydore.  This will allow me to complete my medical commitments on these occasions and hopefully be able to convince some of our legal advisors to travel with me.
Fighting Fund
PRA’s track record in conjunction with our solicitors and barristers stands at 13 cases contested—13 cases  in a row.  This includes our people having to appear in several courts. 
Please be assured the funds given voluntarily fund our court activities.  The costs are 100% separate from the levies you and I pay.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.  Our successes are driven by your membership; the court successes are driven by those who have donated to our Fighting Fund.
The current situation is undoubtedly the greatest hurdle we have faced.  With your support we will fight like hell to have the Government rethink their intentions with the proposed legislation.

Best wishes to you all

John Purcell

John Purcell, Chairman

Property Rights Australia Inc
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