Property Rights Australia Media Release 16-04-09

16th April 2009

Media Release
16th April 2009
Just how hypocritical and deceitful can Premier Bligh be?  In years past, elections were won or lost by that which was offered to the voters.
The recent Queensland state election was won because Bligh promised to steal land from its rightful owners and stop expansion of food production simply by theft.  All of this by entering into clandestine agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), an overseas-based Green organisation.  Bligh sold out her own State by handing Queensland Green groups some one million hectares of highly productive land developed by the individual landowners at a great personal cost.  All this is blatant deceit as being in the name of preservation of the environment and science.  What a huge lie!
If Premier Bligh had acted in good faith in the interests of developing the lands of Queensland, she would have tackled control of the rampant problem of declared noxious weeds and plants such as Parthenium, Harisia Cactus, Giant Rat’s Tail Grass, Rubbervine, Grader Grass and Parkinsonia—the list is unending.
But no, Bligh allows these to flourish and spread at will in national parks, reserves, roadways, etc., all of which are the responsibility of governments, while stealing one million hectares of land that has been created by hard work and a large financial investment by landowners who are personally committed to caring for the environment and the welfare of their animals in attempting to be the best possible producers.
All the above has been cleverly planned and executed by Bligh, her political colleagues and their co-operators within the Public Service.  All of these groups and each individual person from Bligh down should hang their heads in absolute shame for this horrible and despicable act.               
This stupidity must end.
                 STAND YOUR GROUND

                Written and authorised by John Purcell, Chairman Property Rights Australia

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