PRA Members’ Newsletter 14-04-2009

14th April 2009

14th  April 2009

Dear PRA member,                                                                                                                                                     
The following is a copy of a Media Release released this morning:


Back in the days when ‘the bears were black’ in the late 1890’s the working man in Australia had a hard life.  In the rural sector the squatters generally came from the English upper class.  These people had a ‘born to rule attitude’ brought with them from England, the ‘old country’.
The landed gentry cared little for the well-being of the working class.  The Shears Strike in Central and Western Queensland in the late 1800’s saw the foundation of the Labor Party.  A much needed balance began.  The 1914-1918 War bought the squatters and the working class together to fight side-by-side.  Australia became a great country.  The so-called upper class recognised they were not the be-all-and-end-all.
The Labor Party grew and produced leaders equal to any.  The Labor Party at the time drew its members from the so-called working class.  Today’s Labor Party Governments are largely drawn from Trade Union officials, university graduates, academics, etc.; few can claim to have dirt under their fingernails or blisters on their hands from manual work.
There is an emergence of soft Labor Party members who have bought with them baggage carried on from back in the days of the ‘landed gentry’.  There is no doubt many feel they must ‘get square’ and ‘even the score’ by bullying the current landholders for the sins of their forefathers.
Premier Beattie and his successor Premier Bligh are prime examples of this movement.  Neither is comfortable with country people.  Both have singled out the farming sector through the Vegetation Management Act (VMA) of 1999 and its amendments to hurt the rural sector.  An analysis of this act clearly shows the content is extreme in its objectives.  It is no simple or average act.
The Government employed ex-bouncers, former police and standover men, gave them a badge and the latest four-wheel drive vehicle and a title as “Compliance Officers.”  It mattered nil that they had no training on the Act they are meant to administer.  The record of this attack shows the number of people charged.  Some pleaded guilty as charged to avoid the costs of court and legal representation.  A number have taken on the Government and won, but at a high personal cost to achieve justice.
Now Premier Bligh has put her stamp on the most unkind cut of all – the planned abolition of the management control of vegetation regrowth.
Regrowth is a natural and normal outcome of land development.  To have such a ban will insure the end of land development for the production of food.  One could write a book on the outcome of such a ban.
The current Labor Government’s actions would make the good old Labor Government men and women turn in their graves.

Common sense or an uprising of the State’s farming community is needed to bring reality to this mob called the Bligh Government.

Best wishes to you all
John Purcell
John Purcell, Chairman
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