Members newsletter 20th October 2015


20th October 2015

Notice for George Bender

It is with great sadness that I send this message out about the death of PRA member George Bender.

George’s death has featured prominently in the media but it must be recognised that first of all that this is an inconsolable tragedy for George’s wife, Pam, and for all of the Bender family

The funeral service will be held:

At 11am on Saturday October 24 at the Catholic Church, Middle St, Chinchilla; followed by interment at the Chinchilla cemetery.

PRA Media Statement October 15

On the day after the news broke PRA was asked for a statement which I did only after I knew the family were also issuing a short statement:

“George Bender will be missed.  George was a good man who championed for the right of a fair go.

Stress from various sources is a major problem amongst farming families.  Having no control of a situation leads to hopelessness and stress.  The biggest contributor for landowners towards the lack of control is from the resources sector which is aided by policy failure and unbalanced legislation that allows landowners to be backed into a corner.  Landowners are tied to a negotiation table in an unequal battle.

It is time landowners have the right to say no.  Without this the landowner does not have their full property right.

On behalf of all the people who are members of the Property Rights Australia community I wish to send our deepest sympathies to Pam and all of the Bender family.”

Family Statement October 19

Late yesterday afternoon in Chinchilla I was present when George and Pam’s daughter, Helen, supported by her brother Brian read out a long media statement in front of 3 film crews and some print media.

“Farming is a stressful occupation but what is not recognised is the additional and unrelenting burden that having to deal with the CSG industry has on the lives of those families affected.”

George Bender stood his ground.





Dale Stiller


Dale Stiller, Chairman

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Members newsletter 20th October 2015