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Letter to the Editor – The right to say no

The background to the current debate about  farmers having  a veto over resource activity or ‘the right to say no’, is the tension between the property right of the land title holder and the mineral and petroleum crown reservation which government grants a lease giving the right to extract the resource to a mining company.

‘The right to say no’ is not necessarily about who has the mineral right or who receives the royalty, rather the amendment government policy, access regulation and sections of resources Acts that compulsorily requires landowners to negotiate with a resource company.

The emphasis should be on the word compulsory. To restore fair commercial negotiation is a restoration of the property right taken from the title holder of the land by Government most likely in the aim to expedite resource development to contribute to the economy and receivable royalties. But this privilege has been abused, especially by CSG companies.

Currently landowners are compelled to negotiate against a very large company exercising unbalanced power of capital, in house personnel, information and legislative backing.   

‘The right to say no’ will ensure landowners have at least some control over a situation that currently creates enormous pressure and stress.

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Dale Stiller


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