Newsletter 22nd April 2014


22 April 2014 


The Property Rights Australia Conference will be held in Roma 12-13th June, 2014.  The first day will be a field trip to properties with GSG wells.  The Conference will be centred on CSG but will have relevance for mining and infrastructure companies.  A lot of time will be spent on legal aspects, negotiating a conduct and compensation agreement, what to be aware of and protecting your rights by going to court if necessary.

If you are involved or likely to be involved with a resources company or related infrastructure please give consideration to coming to our Conference and bringing some neighbours who may be similarly involved.

Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Last week there was a meeting of the members of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef in Brisbane.  The Roundtable have been trying to distance themselves from WWF as quickly as they can.  Please be cautious about believing their spin that WWF is only one vote at the table.  They have all the power they need with avoided deforestation, reforestation, halting of loss of biodiversity and enhancement of biodiversity already in the draft criteria.  There are also a couple of possible UXB’s in the form of providing potable water for livestock and avoiding pain, stress and illness of animals.

The voting system is convoluted and most resolutions put before the GRSB will be doomed to failure. 

If you thought that WWF had too much power when the original Vegetation Management was introduced or the Reef Regulations or the 2006 Moratorium and subsequent increase in government regulation it is nothing compared to the political influence they will wield when they have full blown beef industry membership of GRSB, a roundtable for water use in train and a roundtable on finance.  The large organisations are all past masters at working without recourse to government and have done so on many occasions.

In Brazil for example WWF and Greenpeace started mapping by satellite soy farms that they considered to be “illegal” because of deforestation.  That program is ongoing and JB Swift are being told who they can buy livestock from.  The plan by WWF to monitor Australian farms and their performance by satellite is also documented.  Unlike our state government legal system there will be no recourse to an independent umpire.

PRA have been researching the progression of Roundtables and Stewardship Councils for at least three years now.  None of these claims are based on conspiracy theories but hard research of the documentation and the identical outcomes across all commodities.

Australia would be a great prize for the Global Roundtable as their “voluntary” scheme with Swift and Cargill on board can very quickly become compulsory without legislation.  In other competing countries not so much market power is held in the hands of just two companies.

Joanne Rea


Joanne Rea


Property Rights Australia Inc