Members’ Newsletter 26th June 2014

26th June 2014 

Last week I sent out a link to a letter by Glen Martin from Shine lawyers, one of our conference sponsors voicing concerns about the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014.

The letter can be found on this link

The State Government is taking submissions on the Bill until Wednesday 9th July, 2014 which is an extension on the original date.

Some provisions of the Bill such as objections and notification, restricted area provisions and various others to do with conduct and compensation agreements put even more power in the hands of resources companies with respect to their dealings with landowners.  Not all sections will be relevant to landowners.

The Bill can be found on this link

Explanatory Notes can be found here

The Minister’s speech can be found here

Much of the bill does what it claims to do which is streamline but there are undesirable elements for landowners.

If you have a good relationship with your resources lawyer you might be able to get some hints for a submission or ask if he or she is doing a submission on their own behalf.  There are quite a few solicitors who have written letters on the subject and possibly more will be written. 

Please have a look at the Bill and put in a submission if you can.

The best method for lodging a submission is by email to

Alternatively, you can lodge a submission by post and addressing it to:

The Research Director

Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee

Parliament House

George Street 


This link goes to a guide to how to make a submission

This is the link to the overall of the bill and further links for more information at the bottom of the page


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