Property Rights Australia Press Release Murray Cowpar Private members Bill

17th June 2014

Property Rights Australia Inc
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Property Rights Australia is membership organisation of several hundred member enterprises based mostly in Queensland but with members in all states.  We were formed in 2003 to protect the rights of those unfairly charged with breaches of vegetation management laws.

Even from Queensland it has been obvious to us that Western Australia has one of the poorest records on property rights of any state.  There is a plethora of regulations governing private property which are unclear, blight property value and with an inadequate appeals process.

In a first world democracy it should not be possible for activist bureaucrats who think it is their job to harass farmers to send them bankrupt through their decisions nor to cause economically fatal blighting of their property values.

Through a series of Government decisions at all levels rural communities feel under siege and laws such as poor property rights laws only add to that perception.

Just as there are Acquisition of Land Acts in all states designed to compensate individuals and businesses for public infrastructure which take into account the involuntary nature of the acquisition and disturbance as well as actual value, no private property should have its value blighted for a community benefit without adequate compensation and adequate appeals mechanisms. This includes property whose value is blighted by environmental legislation or for any other purpose.

It is unacceptable for a Liberal Government to allow such injustice to continue. Property Rights Australia has had nothing but praise for the Government in Queensland which moved very quickly to redress the worst imbalances of environmental legislation.  Any changes made in Western Australia have been minimal and have barely scratched the surface of injustices being perpetrated on your community.

For all of these reasons and more Property Rights Australia supports the Private Member’s Bill with respect to private property to be put forward by Murray Cowpar MLA.

Joanne Rea 

Property Rights Australia Inc

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PRA is a non-profit organisation of primary producers and business people from rural

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