Property Rights Australia Media Release 08-04-09

8th April 2009
Media Release

8 April 2009     

Once again the governing Labor Party has shown its true colours.  Labor politicians have clearly shown their utter dislike, verging on hatred, towards the people in regional areas and in particular primary producers.

Yesterday’s Government announcement clearly illustrates the deceitful and hypocritical attitude of Bligh and Co.  The introduction of a program to freeze 1,000,000ha of regrowth vegetation is nothing more than blatant theft.  The existence of regrowth vegetation simply means someone in free enterprise has made a substantial investment to create new pasture or farming land.  Such a commitment and investment brings with it the requirement to control the regrowth to finish the job.

Intervention by the Government has a devastating effect.  The land will return to what it was originally, a form of scrub with no commercial value or productive potential.  We are told these actions are necessary in the interest of science. Baloney! (another lie.)  These draconian acts are pay-back to the Green Lobby for their votes in the recent State election.  This fact is widely known and recognised.   The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) sought to have 21,000,000ha of farmland closed down.

The farming community produces food, some of the best in the world.  There is certainty with the population growth worldwide, including Australia, that food will become more scarce and costly; more people will starve.  Some suggest that Australia import more food; this does occur and in some cases with seriously contaminated products, e.g. dairy products.

The Government speaks of protecting the environment by freezing vegetation regrowth control.  What utter hypocrisy.  I refer to the open access given to the mining industry.  Coal is a dirty and old-fashioned product.  Nonetheless, the mining companies have open slather to destroy some of Queensland’s premier farming land, e.g. the Darling Downs of Southern Queensland. Again this absolute hypocrisy is astounding when the miners continue to rape our farmlands.  All Queenslanders should inspect the devastation and plundering of good grazing and farming lands caused by open-cut and long-wall coal mines.  Why?  Because the Labor Government depends very heavily on royalties from coal mining.  We must remember that these mining sites are going to remain a blot forever and will never contribute to the future production of foodstuffs.  Do you know that the mining industry is not subject to the Vegetation Management Act and all it contains?

Do not forget Queensland’s loss of its “triple A” credit rating and the State’s $74 billion pre-election debt and a $1.6 billion deficit generating an interest bill of $10 million a day.  Premier Bligh and all her party members must hang their heads in shame.

Property Rights Australia will oppose and fight these cowardly attacks on primary producers who have carried the can for Labor’s hatred toward good honest rural citizens for too long.

We must never forget that we have an ever-growing population, world demand for foodstuffs and the realisation that half the world goes to bed every night on an empty stomach.  Food equals life. ________________________________________________________________________________

Written and authorised by John Purcell, Chairman Property Rights Australia

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