Property Rights Australia supports Peter Spencers Canberra Rally 2nd February 2010

25th January 2010
25th January 2010 
Dear Members
Property Rights Australia supports the Peter Spencer’s “Tower of Hope” Canberra Rally on the morning of Tuesday the 2nd of February at 10.00am moving from Magna Carter Place, Canberra to march on Parliament House. 
NSW Farmers Association is calling on their 10, 000 memberships to attend, and are supporting the rally with a $150,000 publicity campaign.
Bob Yabsley at Goondiwindi is waiting for expressions of interest to organise buses.  His phone number is             07 46775196.  The present proposal is to travel the 13 hours to Canberra, attend the rally, and return with hopefully the CWA providing catering on the way.
PRA members better than most realise the urgency of radical action in this cause as every other avenue tried over the years has proved fruitless.
Extreme environmentalism has a 20 year start and the ETS bill demonstrated how close we were to “Sleep Walking to Oblivion.” 
The winning over of Ted Kennedy’s senate seat in America could indicate this awakening hopefully is world wide.  The time for action is now we are at one minute to midnight. 
We await with increasing exasperation for QLD industry representative bodies to follow the NSW Farmers Association and recognise that the cause can only be won by a sharp united focus on government injustices.
Please contact Bob Yabsley or if possible refer to a link on Agmates site
Ron Bahnisch
Ron Bahnisch, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
Phone:  07 49213430
Fax:       07 49213870