Senate Enquiry & Tower Of Hope Property Rights Rally

8th February 2010

Members’ Newsletter

8th February 2010

The Canberra “TOWER OF HOPE PROPERTY RIGHTS RALLY” on 2nd February was a resounding success. NSW Farmers Association must ne congratulated on using the publicity generated by Peter Spencer’s Tower Of Hope protest to highlight the injustice of expropriation without adequate compensation of property rights that organisations have been protesting for nearly 10 years.

We now have to thank Barnaby Joyce for a Senate Enquiry as a result of this massive demonstration but have less than 1 month for submissions


(1) The impact of native vegetation laws and legislated greenhouse gas abatement measures on landholders, including:

(a) any diminution of land asset value and productivity as a result of such laws;

(b) compensation arrangements to landholders resulting from imposition of such laws;

(c) the appropriateness of the method of calculation of asset value in the determination of compensation arrangements; and

(d) any other related matter

(2) in conducting this enquiry, the committee must also examine the impact of the Government’s proposed Carbon pollution

Reduction Scheme and the range of measures related to climate change announced by the Leader of the Opposition (Mr Abbott) on 2 February 2010

We need to move quickly. We need actual case studies of assets diminution wether in actual dollar terms or decreased potential production. The closing date is March 5th and the reporting date is the end of April and the only hearing in QLD will be in Rockhampton at a date to be advised.

Please contact the PRA office with case studies so we can contact you in return. We must seize this opportunity. We are also asked to comment on the impact of Carbon Reduction Schemes the governments and the opposition.

It is vitally important that we address this subject as the next federal election will be fought on these issues.

Dale Stiller a member who accompanied us to Canberra has put together an excellent report that will follow this newsletter along with our latest press release.

Lorna and I left Rockhampton dodging high water on Monday morning and returned on Wednesday evening to walk the last kilometre, in that time we had 2 hours sleep. We’ve just caught up.


Ron Bahnisch, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc

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