Qld primary industries week underway on Friday

24th April 2007Imagine if we could design a new variety of wheat and know how it would perform before it’s even planted? Or if we could use a fantastically small tube to wipe out termites and other pests?

These are just some of the food science innovations that will be showcased at the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries “Revolutionary Science” Forum in Brisbane this Friday.

Qld Primary Industries and Fisheries Minister, Tim Mulherin, said the forum at the Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology at Toowong was the signature event on the Primary Industries week 2007 calendar.

“Revolutionary science is the key theme for the forum, innovation in science that has the potential to transform the way we produce food in the not too distant future,” Mr Mulherin said.

“In a world facing declining resources with an ever-growing population, the ability to achieve a guaranteed food supply is become more and more important in the 21st century.”

Primary Industries week 2007 runs from April 27 to May 5, featuring various events across the state that celebrate, raise the profile and gain acknowledgement of the importance of primary industries.

SOURCE: Queensland Country Life weekly rural news service, updated daily by FarmOnline.