Qld wont be fooled by PMs council vote: Beattie

16th August 2007Nothing the Prime Minister has announced today will make a difference to the much needed reform of local government in Queensland, according to Qld Premier, Peter Beattie.

“The Prime Minister’s latest stunt is an exercise in false hope,” he says.

“The Prime Minister has himself admitted, for the first time today, that council reform is necessary.

“The Queensland Parliament has passed into law the much needed changes to make our State’s local councils stronger and more efficient.

“The Prime Minister is making a lot of noise but at the end of the day he’s playing tricks on people.

“The vast majority of council areas affected by the independent Commission’s recommendations are now joining together to make the new council boundaries work.

“By repeatedly playing silly games all the Prime Minister is doing is diverting councillors away from the important job they should be doing to ensure the amalgamations work for their communi ties.

“We can mount a High Court challenge and I have sought Crown Law advice that indicates we are in a strong position.

“There are no referendums for federal boundaries, there are no referendums for state boundaries.”

SOURCE: Breaking news from Queensland County Life weekly newspaper, updated daily on FarmOnline.