Submissions To Senate Enquiry

19th February 2010 


18th February, 2010

As I write it is teeming.  I hope this is general.  If this is the El Nino our weather forecasters promised us, bring it on.  I believe that this simply proves once again that weather and climate are controlled by chaotic influences, presently and probably permanently beyond the wit of mere man to comprehend let alone forecast.

Property Rights Australia has commissioned Devine Agribusiness to put together a professional PRA submission to the Senate Enquiry on the impact of Native Vegetation Laws and consequent diminution of land asset values.

As many of you will know, Dominic Devine was chairman of this organisation for the first five years and in his line of business deals with land owners’ problems on a daily basis.

We also urge those who feel competent, to address section two of the Terms of Reference where the committee must examine the impact of the government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the range of measures related to climate change announced by the leader of the Opposition (Mr Tony Abbott) on 2nd February, 2010.

Submissions have to be in by tomorrow fortnight (5th March).

Full information can be accessed here:

The most important information from the above link is attached.

Unfortunately, everybody’s business tends to be nobody’s business. A simple one page submission, stating facts and indicating a level of detriment will suffice.

The more submissions, the better.

Government interference has, in many cases, ruined viability for intergenerational transfer of properties.

The report of the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce is another example of the dead hand of extreme environmentalism on development of the north. The precautionary principle is once again cited. This is the same principle that, by law, must prevail in any contest between human welfare and wild river preservation.

The Chinese are developing resources in the African continent with the Africans looking on. Imagine what they could do with the resources of northern Australia.

Extreme greens embedded in the local bureaucracy are the greatest hurdle to development.

Please give a submission to the Senate enquiry your urgent attention.