The cyclone’s gone. Today we have clear skies and brilliant sunshine with the water draining away.

25th March 201024th March 2010

The cyclone’s gone.  Today we have clear skies and brilliant sunshine with the water draining away.  We mercifully got 4 to 6 inches with the heavy area of 10 to 12 inches from Yaamba, just north of Rockhampton to Dingo, within sight.
Our sympathy goes out to those suffering flood, wind damage, crop losses and particularly those who have not had enough rain.  This cyclone however, hit an area where previously it had been a bit light.
Congratulations to all those who responded to our call to forward senate submissions – in excess of 300 from three states – a magnificent effort.
All the board members forwarded submissions.  We commissioned an official PRA   response from Divine Agribusiness and without any intervention got pro bono submissions from barrister, Phil Sheridan and our solicitors, P&E Law.  I haven’t seen Phil’s, but P&E Law’s is posted on the website and is a 45 page example of the sort of legal heavy lifting we need in this area.  They have also volunteered to attend and testify at the hearing if called.  We owe all contributors a debt of gratitude.
The senate committee will nominate who is to appear at the hearing at Rockhampton on Friday 9th April.
The submissions can be seen at this website as they are cleared for publication.
We do not have a date for our hearing to seek leave to appeal to the High Court in the Simpson case.
Peter Spencer and his legal team have been successful in getting leave to have the matter of just compensation for expropriation of Property Rights decided in the High Court.
This case will create enormous interest as the matter of environmental law overriding property rights is creating interest in legal circles around the world.
Judgements in America have come down on the side of statutory property rights.
The extreme environmental juggernaut has to be halted.
On Friday night at our place we hosted an evening meal and then a meeting with the executive of Agforce.  Representing PRA was Joanne Rea, Peter Anderson and myself.  Representing Agforce was President John Cotter, Vice President Ian Burnett, Zone President Christine Rolfe and council member, Peter Anderson.
We explained that our core business is supporting court cases that create some precedent.
We have taken positions in other areas like anti ETS and Wild Rivers as we felt the occasion demanded but essentially our position will always be hard edged.  In fostering court challenges we will Stand Our Ground.
While we agreed to disagree in a number of areas, we will coordinate to avoid duplicating effort, particularly where members are dealing with alleged veg act infringements.
 As a first encounter it certainly was successful in clearing the air.
Breaking News 
Chairman of NFF David Crombie in introducing their submission to the Senate Enquiry has strongly supported Land Owners rights to just compensation for any expropriation of their rights to use land and water.  He labelled the collusion of Federal and State Governments as the “perfect scam.”
All PRA can say is this support is most welcome even if it is years overdue.
If all industry organisations will now confront Extreme Environmentalism with equal vigour years of advocacy by this organisation could eventually produce desired outcomes.